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School Bus Tracking & Attendance System

Deliver Safety. The primarily expectation.

School Buses are under constant pressure to deliver a safe, convenient and reliable service to the students and their parents. It is also required to raise the profit margins through optimized fleet operations. Our state of art technology enables the school transportation department to increase safety quotient to a next level along with increasing efficiency and disciplined driver behavior. It is a one stop solution for live tracking, route management, automated SMS, emergency preparedness, student attendance and more.

Why Tracking is important for your school bus.


In today's scenario, avoiding any mishap with the children has become an important issue for both the parents and school management. With our solution one can easily monitor the school bus along with the students in it so that you never lose sight of your child.

Reduce Cost.

Tracking brings accountability, which improves driver behavior, reduces labour costs (lateness, over billing) and retains revenue otherwise lost to side-jobs or moonlighting. When vehicles are not used off-hours, wear-and-tear, maintenance and fuel costs decrease.


Convert your ordinary transportation service into a high-tech affair. The schools enforcing such technologies are (& should be) preferred by parents for offering such distinguished, reliable and safe services. It reflects technically sound and modern nature of the institution.


Improve the regularity and timeliness of preventative maintenance with automatic GPS tracking on vehicles. Know in advance when the servicing is due, to minimize downtime and unwanted breakdowns, enabling sufficient time to schedule substitute buses.


With vehicle tracking, drivers are more punctual. Jobs are started and completed on-time. You always know where your vehicles are, where they were, and for how long. Over-speeding & detours are identifiable. In the event of a dispute, vehicle tracking provides irrefutable proof-of-work.


Fleet tracking reduces speeding, excessive idling and unnecessary vehicle usage — thereby reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Case studies report an average fuel savings of 15% per vehicle. With vehicle tracking, what's good for business is also good for the environment.

Additional Features Our school bus tracking & in-bus attendance system is the extension of our vehicle tracking technology.


An active/passive RFID reader is integrated with standard tracking to update the attendance of the students on our cloud based online software.

Pick/Drop SMS

Automated Pick/Drop and arrival alerts are sent to parents mobile. We also have a dedicated android application for receiving notifications.

Route Descipline

Get instant alerts on set numbers/ids when the bus goes off route. Also ensure compliance with designated route stoppages.

Speeding Alerts

Keep a tab on errant drivers, get instant email, SMS alerts when the School Bus over speeds with location and speed details.

Live Tracking

Improve transparency and be able to track the detailed movement of the bus live on a map, with data updates every 30 seconds.

Panic Button

Button accessible to the driver is an advantage to send instant alerts via SMS during an emergency enabling quick action.


Analyze the driver behavior and performance though various parameters like time punctuality, speed & route regulations.


We love to integrate your ideas into our rich set of features. Our team is committed towards delivering tailored solutions.

How Parents can benefit.

Boarding Alert

Get notifications when your child has boarded the bus or vise versa.

Pickup / Drop ETA

Get notified when the bus is 10 mins away from the bus stop.

Live Track Location

Be able to live track your child's bus on the map.

Over-speeding Alert

Get notified when the bus is over speeding with area and time.

Inappropriate drop-off

Get notification when your child is dropped at a wrong bus stop.

School Reached

Get notified when the bus reaches or leaves the school.


Be able to select the notifications of your choice and requirements.

Getting started is easy

1)   Buy. HUNT-Pro System with RFID integration for your school bus. It is preloaded with an activated SIM.

2)   Install. Do-it-yourself or hire a third-party. Once installed, activity is automatically reported.

3)   Use! Sign into our web site or download mobile app. See where your buses are and have been—and much more.

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