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InnoVita Technologies Private Limited was incorporated in Pune, Maharashtra, India in year 2011. Since then our tailored fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions has helped companies across India and abroad become more secure, safer and more profitable.Because we care about quality and reliability, we take responsibility of every aspect of our business.
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R & D Projects.

Cardiac Telemetry

InnoVita R&D lab is extending its scope of telemetry technology in biomedical domain. The challenges are reliable and quick data transmission, for remotely monitoring of human heart rate and rhythm. This kind of technology offers safety for the patients where an emergency can be managed in an efficient way through technology.

Internet of things

IoT will transform how we work, play and live. From factory automation and automobile connectivity to wearable body sensors and home appliances. The IoT is set to facet every aspect of our lives. InnoVita Technologies R&D labs is constantly and dedicatedly working hard towards connecting more and more day to day things to the internet and coming up with solutions that would innovate the way of life.

Mobile Robotics.

Beside telematics and M2M domain InnoVita R&D Labs is also aligned towards creating autonomous mobile robotic platforms for military and surveillance applications. Robotics being popular amongst young engineers, we have a great team of interns and associates accelerating our research in this domain.

In-vehicle Black Box.

In-vehicle black box is very much required to store the information like cause and situation at the time of an accident of a vehicle. This information is critical and is very useful for insurance companies and other governmental organizations. Hence, our R&D is presently researching and working on Black Box technology for the vehicles. We would launch our own black box technology soon in the market.

Track and Trace Solutions.

InnoVita R&D is dedicatedly researching on increasing the capabilities of it's present track and trace solutions. The various projects on which our team is presently working is kids tracking, bike anti-theft solutions, wireless 3g cameras, machine monitoring systems, geographical locks (Geo-locking Systems), vehicle tracking, performance evaluation and tracking systems etc. Apart from this InnoVita is focussed towards developing various sensors and telemetry systems that would increase the efficiency, security and profit of the users and their businesses.

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