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InnoVita Technologies Private Limited was incorporated in Pune, Maharashtra, India in year 2011. Since then our tailored fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions has helped companies across India and abroad become more secure, safer and more profitable.Because we care about quality and reliability, we take responsibility of every aspect of our business.
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Amaze yourself and the world around you Jobs at InnoVita are unlike any other you've had. You'll be challenged. You'll be inspired. And you'll be proud. Because whatever your job is here, you will be the part of something big. You'll make a difference in this world. You will be innovating the way of life of the people around you.


We expect creative thinking and solutions from every one here, no matter what their responsibilities are. Innovations take many forms and our people seem to find new ones every day.


We demand dedication in our people for whatever they do in InnoVita. Because dedication helps our people overcome all the hurdles and rise above the status quo.


In InnoVita passion is the most important attribute that we expect in our people. Our people are in serious relationship with whatever they do. The zeal and love for work never let anybody fail.

Our Domains

Engineering & Design
Sales Operations
Product & Customer Support
Administrative & Business Strategy
Production & Procurement
Finance & Accounting
Marketing & Communications
People Operations

Current Openings

Job Title: Executive, Sales & Marketing

Job Description:
The incumbent is required to add clients as well as distributors for the organization under the close supervision of his/her boss. The position requires prospective clients and prospective vendors interaction on topics including, but not limited to, how they are going to benefit with the association, technical documentation and visits to the client for training at their end.

Function & Duties:

  • To acquire new channels & strategic customers on a regular basis and tracking activation of the same.
  • To identify advertising opportunities.
  • To maintain, build and update mailings,callings & meetings databases.
  • To carry out market research and to assess demand, brand positioning and awareness.
  • To train the customer about the use of our product.
  • To assist the product or demo installation as and when required.
  • To monitor and analyze competitors' activity.
  • To organize and attend events and exhibitions.
  • To contribute to the strategic planning of an annual or long term marketing plan to drive forward agreed company objectives.
  • To coordinate with other departments liking R&D, Production, Marketing & Sales and Administration.
  • To maintain relationship with clients in order to retain them.

Monthly Salary:     12,000 (Fixed)   +   10,000 (Target Based)

Job Title: Product Installation & Maintenance Executive

Job Description:
The incumbent oversees the device installation and observation, local procurement, client management, assembly of technical goods and services for company’s operations. The position requires installing GPS devices at clients location and looking after the observation and maintenance of on-field devices. The job also involves procurement of materials from the market.

Function & Duties:

  • To conduct and execute timely hardware installation in vehicles at clients' location.
  • To maintain and ensure the proper functionality of the company's installed hardware devices on field.
  • To study client fleet operations on the software in order to highlight the errors.
  • To procure the items from the market as and when required for R&D and Production.
  • To assist the production and assembly of hardware as and when required.


  • Required knowledge of automobiles electronics and electrical.
  • Required electrical operational skills.
  • Required willingness to frequently travel at various client locations.
  • Preferred basic knowledge and operation skill of MS Office and computer.
  • Preferred knowledge of technical terms relating electronics.

Monthly Salary:     8,000.

Send your resume at info@innovita.com to apply for a job.