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InnoVita Technologies Private Limited was incorporated in Pune, Maharashtra, India in year 2011. Since then our tailored fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions has helped companies across India and abroad become more secure, safer and more profitable.Because we care about quality and reliability, we take responsibility of every aspect of our business.
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Vehicle Tracking Solution

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X 6
Software to fall in love
with it.

Comprehensive, Customizable, Intuitive.
Brings out the expert fleet manager in you.

The best fleet management software.


Our software X6 - Fleet Commando is an easy affair. It is been designed by competent engineers and marvelous artists, offering you a great blend of technology and arts. With our software you can Monitor your fleet, Track individual vehicles, Configure SMS/E-MAIL, alerts Report exceptions, Create geographical markers, geofences and lot more in a very innovative and exciting way. You don't learn or master this software, you just enjoy.


X6 - Fleet Commando has a very customizable architecture. This software is developed on practical case scenarios. Our customers have played an important role in creating this great software through their support, visualizations, suggestions and customizable needs. Due to it's customizable architecture, we were able to enhanced the software and developed applications in alignment to the needs of the market. X6 comprehensive yet simple..

Cloud based.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is the trend and is beneficial too. Hence our software Track-X3 is on the cloud. It offers advantages that include Ease of Implementation, No Hassle Updates, New Features Come Faster, Lower Total Cost of Ownership, Integration Opportunities and more. Moreover your software can be accessed from anywhere with any internet enabled smart device, offering you the seamless flexibility for an effective fleet management.

Rock solid database.

We’re committed to make sure that you can use our GPS fleet tracking solutions with minimal disruption in services, 24x7x365. This means you have the peace of mind that comes from our superior data security and uncompromising reliability. We store and backup your data at multiple locations to ensure safety. Moreover you can access your data of long historic past from our limitless database.

Experience simplicity right from the beginning

X6 is intuitive, We have simplified the user interaction many folds. Hence, we manage optimum data security even without the username. Just enter your secret code and proceed.

Watchdog App.

Monitor your entire fleet operation at one place.

Observe your entire fleet on a full screen map with clarity. Various color coding, performance pie chart, vehicle segmentation and search options enables you to identify exceptions with utmost ease.

Applications Launch Pad

Every business has its own style of managing it's fleet operations. Hence, apart from the standard applications, we design and develop applications as per your requirements aligned with your present management practices. This enables easy acceptance and maximum utilization of our software right from day one. We dock all the applications for your easy access at our launch pad.

Tracker App.

Visualize historical activity of your vehicle

See where a vehicle was on a particular day, at a particular time, and what it was doing. Replay fleet activity with VCR-like controls: Play, Fast-forward, Rewind. Get live information of the vehicle also get the analytics like stoppage time, running duration, engine hours, distance travelled for the selected date and time period. Analyze the practical route and set geo-fences with our route geofencing option. This app would enable you to graphically catch up with your fleet operations in finest details.

Draw App.

Creating boundaries, hubs, landmark and geo-fence couldn't be simpler.

This application is used to outline geographical patterns. We understand that drawing landmarks, hubs and geofences could demand time. Hence we have tremendously improved the automation in this application. Our advanced auto suggest search enables you to create these parameters with just few clicks.

Analyzer App.

Summarizes the performance of your fleet enabling you to quickly identify areas of improvement.

Get daily, monthly, weekly or custom date wise log of each vehicle's activity. The graphical representation of the data enables you to quickly make conclusions and take actions to improve your fleet performance. Also be able to export data in pdf or MS Excel format.

Other Applications Our few more apps specifically designed & developed for various industries.


This app is specially designed for Fleet of Taxis / Cabs. It allows you to quickly located nearest vehicles based on address.


With this app you could configure various SMS and Email Alerts for events like arrival, departure, or violation of any rule.

Setup Panel

This application enables you to assign your designed geo-fences, source and destination to your vehicles with a very simple U.I.


This app helps you to analyze trip wise performance of the vehicle through graph and tables. It also renders a driver score card.


Glimpse allows you to quickly catch your entire fleet status in a single look. It gives you a fast overview of idling, over speeding, route violations.


This app offers schools the portal for subscribing students/parents to SMS notifications on bus arrivals / departures individually.


This app is the customized log sheet of the fleet operations and service records aligned with the present book keeping practices of the customer.


We love to integrate your ideas into our rich set of Apps. Our team is committed towards upgrading and increasing the capabilities of X6.

How tracking your vehicles could benefit you.

Reduce Cost.

Tracking brings accountability, which improves driver behavior, reduces labour costs (lateness, over billing) and retains revenue otherwise lost to side-jobs or moonlighting. When vehicles are not used off-hours, wear-and-tear, maintenance and fuel costs decrease.

Increase Safety.

With vehicle tracking, the issue of speeding — during work-hours or off-hours — disappears. Our system retains a permanent historical record of vehicle activity, which contributes to good driving behavior.

Improve Revenue.

With vehicle tracking, drivers are more punctual. Jobs are started and completed on-time. You always know where your vehicles are, where they were, and for how long. In the event of a dispute, vehicle tracking provides irrefutable proof-of-work.


Fleet tracking reduces speeding, excessive idling and unnecessary vehicle usage — thereby reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Case studies report an average fuel savings of 15% per vehicle. With vehicle tracking, what's good for business is also good for the environment.

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