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InnoVita Technologies Private Limited was incorporated in Pune, Maharashtra, India in year 2011. Since then our tailored fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions has helped companies across India and abroad become more secure, safer and more profitable.Because we care about quality and reliability, we take responsibility of every aspect of our business.
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CAR CARE : Car Tracking Solution

Key Features

Innovita is the India’s most advanced tracker that locates your car within seconds. Car safety and security is something that is always on your mind, so we know what India needs. Researched, designed and manufactured in India, Innovita Carcare offers car tracking solution designed for Indian roads.

Real time Gps based Live Tracking

Live Car Tracking gives you real time updates, allowing you to get the latest tracking information of your car. Powered by enterprise Google maps-API to give you precise location of the vehicle.

History and route followed

Carcare tracking device offers you the opportunity to track the path followed by your car and get real time report on your smart phones or any smart device.

Geofences and notifications

With the geofencing feature of Carcare tracker, define the area of travel and know when your vehicle is out of it. Receive all the alerts on your smart devices and secure your loved once at all times.

Theft protection or Engine Block

On click remote immobilization to stop your car remotely. Virtual fences for parking space can give you immediate alerts while the car is in illegal use or theft.

Alerts and notifications

You will be kept updated with the real time mobile alerts and notification with mobile application. Not only you even your near once can also get alerts for speed violation, geo-fence violation.


Downloadable date and time based reports available for analyzing the performance of your car or driver. Location of vehicle, consolidated report for all the alerts generated by the car, over speeding report, A/c On/Off report, Idling report.

Hardware Speciality

. Water resistant IP65 standard device

. Latest GPS with highest accuracy

. Data interval of 15 seconds

. Internal battery backup

. Recovers data in case of no networks


Unique Attributes

. Easy to use : Android and iOS App "Carcare"

. Reliable : Incepted in 2011, Serving the society ever since

. Relax : Any number of users from anywhere can track the vehicle

. Theft Protection : GPS tracking gives you the best probability of finding your vehicle

. Trust : Loved by society and trusted by industries all across India

. Value for money : Robust and Economical

There are many reasons to track your vehicles

Prevent theft. Eliminate speeding. Increase revenue. Reduce fuel costs. Get notified of important activity. Eliminate moonlighting. Have proof-of-work. Simplify maintenance. Know where your drivers are. Eliminate off-hours usage. View historical vehicle and driver activity. Comply with Governmental and other regulations. Makes communication with drivers easy. Reduce idling. Improve safety.

Since 2011, we have helped thousands of fleets. We’re ready to help yours.

Place to install GPS Device in your CAR


Steps to use carcare application

  • Download CarCare GPS from playstore or app store in your mobile.
  • Click on the Register button.
  • Enter your Details.
  • Click left top button and ❯ Click Settings.
  • Add your device with the help of Device ID and Pairing code provided on the box (Add multiple devices as per your need).
  • Multiple user can track one or more devices (vehicles).
  • Watchdog
         Get live location, Speed, Ignition Status,AC Status.
         keep check of the last data received time.
         Get live data of one or more device in watchdog.
  • Tracker
         select vehicle by clicking right top search button.
         Green line on map shows the path traveled for current day.
         Click plus button(+) Get Information like Live location, Total Distance, Average Speed,Stop duration and max speed.
         To see historical data of last 7 days enter date From & To and Submit.
         At Bottom there are buttons for route replay.
  • Draw Hub(Geofence): radius 250 - 1000 mtrs by placing single point.
         Name and save the hub
         To see and delete the hub click right top under this Tab.
  • Notification : All the notification history will be save under this tab.
  • Reports : Generate all kind of reports by selecting the given parameters.
  • Profile : Update profile as per your need.
  • Settings
         Can add new device.
         Can Change device name.
         Can Set Overspeed limit.
         Can edit notification setting.
  • Relay Optional if you have asked the shopkeeper to install. Enter your mobile number to register for this service.
  • Contact us : For any suggestion or help write us.

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